Unix behind Open Source: What is the Big Deal? What is the Catch?

This is part of the educational quest to finish Pluralsight’s UNIX and UNIX Systems: The Big Picture. See how my quest is going at EDUCATIONAL QUEST: UNIX and UNIX Systems: The Big Picture

The aim of this page📝 is to argue that the greatest legacy of UNIX is, perhaps surprisingly, an unintended consequence of being the root of open source movement.

  • big_deal#1 of open is that you are able to experiment with 100 iterations of a project before having to settle on the perfect combination of resources
  • big_deal#2 of open is the ability to create a sophisticated, multi-tier infra deploy without having to re-invent the wheel for every little detail
  • → instead, rely on the shared work of other devs for secondary components and if you choose, contribute to the common goods
  • → all have benefits: both businesses and private folks

As of yesterday, there were a grand total of three sponsors for this person’s work. THREE. As of today, this number is now 14; however this is no excuse. This person should be funded in a level that is appropriate for how critical log4j2 is used in the ecosystem. There is no excuse for this. This person’s spare time passion project is responsible for half of the internet working the way it should. Vulnerable companies to this issue included Apple, Google, my cell phone carrier and basically everyone that uses JavaEE in its default configuration.



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Pavol Kutaj

Pavol Kutaj


Infrastructure Support Engineer/Technical Writer (snowplow.io) with a passion for Python/writing documentation. More about me: https://pavol.kutaj.com