The Most Interesting Tech Reads in February 2023

1. Weaponizing hyperfocus: Becoming the first DevRel at Tailscale

2. Launch HN: Needl (YC S22) — Simple search across all your apps

3. Ask HN: Suggestions for working effectively with junior devs?

4. Responsibility — by Kent Beck

5. If it helps, this likely is coming

6. Google testing ChatGPT-like chatbot ‘Apprentice Bard’ with employees

7. One dialogue that is missing from the current GPT conversations is about where these technologies will be primarily implemented. There are two places GPTs can be used: Product-level: Implemented within products that companies buy Process-level: Implemented within processes of a company by an analyst — similar to how companies use data analysts today

8. Where will the impact of ChatGPT fall? (from my email) — Marginal REVOLUTION

9. bash — How to access the metadata of a docker container from a script running inside the container? — Stack Overflow

10. ossu/computer-science: Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science!

11. Complete External Attack Surface Management

  • Interesting product for external attack surface detection, testing endpoints with scriptattacks

12. The Four Horsemen of the Tech Recession — Stratechery by Ben Thompson

13. Anti-pattern — Wikipedia

14. Guido van Rossum: Python and the Future of Programming

15. MotherDuck: Big Data is Dead

16. From Bing to Sydney — Stratechery by Ben Thompson

17. Good times create weak men @

  • The biggest a-ha moment of the talk was that if you are working on Y and Y is based on X, that does not imply automatically that you would know X also. Even if the people who build X are still around, knowledge does not spread automatically and, without actual necessity, it will go away with the people who originally possessed it.

18. An example of how to use command-line tools to transcribe a viral video of Cardi B

19. KJF-2023. Day 1. Tyler Cowen. Interview — YouTube

20. The Ryan Holiday Reading Recommendation Email —

21. More alternatives to Google Analytics []

22. command line — How to use Ffmpeg to convert wma to mp3 recursively, importing from txt file? — Ask Ubuntu

23. petewarden/spchcat: Speech recognition tool to convert audio to text transcripts, for Linux and Raspberry Pi.

24. Transcribe Audio — Python Tutorial

25. Transcribing mp3 to text (python) →

26. My excellent Conversation with Will MacAskill — Marginal REVOLUTION

27. Text is All You Need — by Venkatesh Rao — Ribbonfarm Studio

28. Presentations — Benedict Evans

29. OpenAI /ChatGPT — How to Use it With Python

30. Krickelkrackel

  • I have a formalist approach to interpretation, i.e. that the knowledge of forms used by an artist (or a deliberate lack of thereof) lets you communicate better with the work or art, same as understanding the language improves the communication with another human being

31. Why we are teaching this class · Missing Semester

  • Looks really useful. Sometimes things that catch your eye take time, and often they are not forgotten (OSSU!). But I’m bookmarking all the same. Memory is a trickster.

32. What Is Nix

33. How to Design Programs > Preface



Infrastructure Support Engineer/Technical Writer ( with a passion for Python/writing documentation. More about me:

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Pavol Kutaj

Infrastructure Support Engineer/Technical Writer ( with a passion for Python/writing documentation. More about me: