python > pytest, ptw (watch mode) and setting up unit testing for python


The concern is documenting finding the unit test framework similar to jest for javascript.

1. pytest

  • install
pip install -U pytest
pytest --version
pytest 6.0.1

2. pytest-watch

  • install pytest-watch to enable tehe watch mode for pytest, i.e. make pytest run each time you save the file in the watched folder
pip install pytest-watch
ptw --version
pytest-watch 4.2.0

3. test1: code & test in the same file

  • create a file * and write a first function & corresponding test
  • run ptw to run pytest in a watch mode
def func(x):
return x + 1

def test_answer():
assert func(3) == 4
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4. test2: import sourcefile into testfile

import addition

def test_answer1():
input = 4 # arrange
result = addition.func(input) # act
assert result == 8 # assert

debug: use vscode

  • python extension needs to be activated
  • run Python > configure tests to select testing framework and folder with files (no drill-down here)
  • open the file (here both source and test in a single file)
  • set a breakpoint and click on Debug test in the file → do not run debugger with f5 or from the sidebar
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