Powershell script for timebox/pomodoro/deepwork (15 minute sessions)


The concern is documenting the dive script which starts the 15-minute micro-box for deep work.

1. idea: simply start-job && start-sleep

  • I just need to postpone the execution of the script by 15 minutes (900 seconds)
  • But you have to use the BACKGROUND JOB — because otherwise,you would freeze the console!
  • that makes all easier and the complexities of the job scheduling and compatibility with Windows POSH is not necessary

2. script

function start-dive {                       
kill -Name msedge -ErrorAction Ignore #01
vlc --intf dummy c:\Users\Admin\Music\rain.mp3 #02
start "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\TogglDesktop\TogglDesktop.exe" #03
Start-Job -ScriptBlock { #04
sleep 900; #05
kill -Name vlc -ErrorAction Ignore #06
$url = "file:///C:/Users/Admin/tools/The%20Most%20Dangerous%20Writing%20App.html#/write?limit=1&type=minutes" #07
start msedge $url #08
ii "C:\Users\Admin\Documents\workspace\SNOW\SNOW-logs\ordo.md" #09
cls #10


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