On Pull Requests

1. push vs pull

If you have a code change in your repository and want to move it to a target repository, then:

  • push request would be the TARGET REPOSITORY requesting YOU to push your changes already.
  • PULL is the TARGET REPOSITORY grabbing changes made by YOU with git pull from the other repo
  • ➔ A pull request is YOU requesting the TARGET REPOSITORY to please check and grab my changes, I have finished the work.

2. the rationale of the pull request process

  • this happens on projects where you are not the lone dev
  • pull request is a point when someone is done with the change
  • but is not directly merging that into master/main
  • pull request is also a request to REVIEW the change (two sets of eyes principle)
  • only afterward it can be implemented and released
  • pull request is a process of RECONCILIATION of changes you’ve made with changes made by others on the codebase

3. examples/usecases

3.1. code review

  • code review is a major benefit of pull requests

3.2. discussion platform

  • note: they are designed as a general way to talk about code
  • e.g. dev needs help with a feature
  • he files a PRkni 2021–03–05-ii
  • interested parties are notified
  • interested parties are asked the question right next to the relevant commit

3.3. restore point

  • we use PRs as a mechanism that creates a restore point for configuration changes
  • once the change needs to be restored, we just revert the PR with a click of a button
  • all commits are reverted within that umbrella

3.4. empty pull request

  • You create an empty PR to which the work is added
  • I have seen pull request been created before any work is done at all
  • Seems to function as an axis, around which the work should be done
  • When u open a pull request on GitHub.
  • All commits since the last request + all new ones are automatically added to this request
  • You can’t control which commits are added and which are not.
  • When you try to open another pull request, I get an “Oops! There’s already a pull request” error.

4. sources



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