Notes From The Oral History Of Bjarne Stroustrup

1. notes

  • 0:0 background in Denmark
  • 0:5 no mentors at University, luck as a factor for choosing major
  • 0:11 formative experience in understanding the need for idioms when learning a language
  • 0:13 consultant experience with direct negotiation with clients and their children
  • 0:17 PhD in Cambridge experience
  • 0:23 Cambridge and Bell Labs as unique environments in raising self-expectations teaching to think big
  • 0:25 distributed computing as dissertation subject with network simulation picking up Simula67
  • 0:31 it is incestuous if teachers the previous job is a student; on seeking practical experience after graduation ending up in bell labs for the next 16 years
  • 0:35 bell labs, UNIX is born there, C is born there. UNIX-based system from his dissertations on distributed computing. kernel-separation into modules. mistake: C did not have the ability to divide what is shared and what is not. too low-level
  • 0:38 simula67 taught from author and C taught from author and combination — manipulate hardware directly, work with higher-level concepts as well
  • 0:47 1984–1985, with users comes responsibility — the first expansion of “c with classes” renamed to “C++”
  • 1:3 on performance as the factor for some domains where c++ or FORTRAN are suitable — which is not everywhere like mobile
  • 1:6 on ANSI/ISO standardization of c++ as a prereq for major industrial use and a major pain of the neck
  • 1:18 1994, on STL and Alex Stepanov and pushing it through the committee
  • 1:20 aspects of functional programming
  • 1:30 hubl3 paper with expressive power, ability to deal of hardware, a tenth of the size without the loss of performance — on the minimized idea of c++
  • 1:34 on leaving ATT and Bell Labs into academia for a decade and into enterprise

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