Match Everything Until And Everything After With Regex Lookaheads And Lookbehind

The aim of this reference📚 is to provide a reference for PowerShell’s regex lookarounds, i.e.:

  1. lookahead
  2. lookbehind

1. regex: lookaheads and lookbehinds

  • are / are not followed by a certain pattern → lookahead (positive / negative)
  • are / are not preceded by a certain pattern → lookbehind (positive / negative)
name       | pattern

2. example: lookbehind with the lookup of a bucket from the HashiCorp Consul CV

  • i need to use lookbehind syntax
[regex]::matches(‘mr paul’,’(?<=mr\s).*’).value
→→→ paul
  • I am getting the URL of the s3 bucket that is preceded by aws_setup_prod1/output/s3_bucket_kinesis_s3_enriched_id: with Hashicorp Consul in this way (and copy to clipboard for efficiency)

$regex = "(?<=aws_setup_prod1/output/s3_bucket_kinesis_s3_enriched_id:).*"
$returnedString = consul kv get -recurse customer/$consulName |
Select-String -pattern $regex
$streamingBucket = $returnedString.matches.value
$streamingBucket | clip
write-host $streamingBucket pasted to clipboard -foregroundcolor cyan

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