How To Use Vim In Windows Terminal And Powershell Core🔗🔗



choco install vim


  • locate the installation folder, my chocolatey installation put Vim into c:\tools folder
  • open _vimrc file in the folder where chocolatey installed it
  • append the following to the file
set clipboard=unnamed
set mouse=a
"~/.vim", "~/.vim/.undo", "~/.vim/.backup", "~/.vim/.swp" | % {mkdir $_}
  • second, add the following lines to _vimrc
set undodir=~/.vim/.undo//
set backupdir=~/.vim/.backup//
set directory=~/.vim/.swp//

3. USE🔗🔗

  • in the terminal, find a find with ctrl+t using PSFzf
  • prefix that with vim
  • navigate with arrows that you need
  • to highlight characters press vy to copy them to system clipboard
  • to highlight lines press Vy to copy
  • or just use the mouse to highlight → y to copy
  • y stands for yank (this is vim parlance)
  • hit :qa! to exit without saving



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