Explaining .tar.gz file format

The aim of this pageđź“ť is to explain file compression and archiving based on the particular example of combining tar and gzip in software distribution.

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  • A tar file (short for Tape Archive) bundles multiple files into a single archive.
  • Initially designed for sequential I/O devices (like magnetic tapes) lacking their own file systems.
  • Retains metadata (permissions, ownership, timestamps).

Why Does Tar Exist?

  • Historical context: Early tape drives and raw disks had variable-length data blocks, leading to wasted space.
  • Sequential I/O devices: Tar suited devices where files were written sequentially.
  • Collecting files: Ideal for bundling related files together.

Advantages of Tar:

  • Simplicity: Easy to use.
  • Cross-Platform: Works across Unix-like systems.
  • No Compression: Focuses on bundling files.
  • Software Distribution: Commonly used for distributing software.

Combining Tar and Gzip:

  • Why?: To get both bundling and compression.
  • Result: The .tar.gz file contains a tar archive compressed with gzip.


  • Creating: tar -czvf archive.tar.gz file1 file2 ...
  • Extracting: tar -xzvf archive.tar.gz

ZIP vs. Tar/Gzip:


  • Retains metadata.
  • Efficient for individual files.
  • Widely supported but not ideal for software distribution.


  • Preserves metadata.
  • Efficient storage and distribution.
  • Popular in Unix environments.



Question 1

What does a tar file do?

Answer 1

A tar file bundles multiple files into a single archive, preserving metadata.

Question 2

Why was tar initially designed?

Answer 2

To write data to sequential I/O devices (like magnetic tapes) lacking their own file systems.

Question 3

What does .tar.gz combine?

Answer 3

A tar archive (bundling) with gzip compression.

Question 4

Why is ZIP not ideal for software distribution?

Answer 4

ZIP lacks seamless metadata preservation (Linux permissions) and efficient compression for large software packages.

Question 5

What’s the benefit of .tar.gz in Unix environments?

Answer 5

It combines bundling, metadata preservation, and efficient compression.



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