Explaining DAG: Directed Acyclic Graphs As Utilized In Git and 4 types of git nodes (root, head, branch, merge)

1. graph

  • there are more common types of graphs such as trees (hierarchical graphs) or lists (with nodes having up to 2 pointers)

2. directed graph

  • this is because there is a parent-child relationship going on here

3. acyclic directed graph

  • it is not a tree in that a node can have > 1 parent (the merge node see the merge node)
  • DAGs can get complex pretty quickly

4. types of nodes in git

5. links



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Pavol Kutaj

Pavol Kutaj


Infrastructure Support Engineer/Technical Writer (snowplow.io) with a passion for Python/writing documentation. More about me: https://pavol.kutaj.com