The aim of this how-to-guide🏁 is to show how to fast edit the last git commit message.

1. steps/?

  • the last commit can be amended just by running git commit --amend
  • first, I am getting
  • problem is that the path is incorrect
  • run code --version in the same folder as your git repo
  • make sure…

The concern is documenting sending emails from CLI which I use to quickly sending emails to myself as not to distract myself from the task-at-hand. Just type eml and write a TODO to get the idea out of your head into the mailbox.

1. Allow less secure apps


The aim of this how-to-guide🏁 is to show redirection from a TLD into a GH repo.

  • In S3, create an empty bucket
  • NOTE: it has be identical to the domain name you want to use
  • In Properties -> Static Website Hosting → set Redirect all requests
  • Test if it works just by clicking on the bucket endpoint
  • Open Route53 → Create Hosted Zone → enter into Domain Name → finalize registration
  • RULE: Domain Name has to be identical to the S3 bucket name
  • Create an A record
  • Enable alias, and set alias target to the bucket


The concern is documenting the conceptualization of git reset


These notes are from Online Git Course: Mastering Git @ Pluralsight

1. why confusing?

  • you need to understand both the 3 main areas of git (work, index, repo) and the branching
  • it has many usecases

2. what does it do?

2.1. in general: 4 ways of moving a branch

  1. commit
  2. merge
  3. rebase
  4. pull
  • these 4 general ways to move a branch is a side-effect of the commands aimed at something totally different

2.2. enter git reset: fifth & specialized way to move a branch

  • usually current branch
  1. pick a branch
  2. run git reset
  3. that branch becomes the current commit → the branch is taken “back…


The aim of this how-to-guide🏁 is to show the restore of data of for example a deleted commit via git reflog.

  • reflog stands for REFERENCE LOGS
  • record when the tips of branches and other references were updated in the LOCAL REPO

1. Instructions

  • Run git reflog
  • Run git checkout -b <recoverBranch> <sha>
  • the name of the <recoverBranch> is IRRELEVANT & CUSTOM
  • the sha is CRUCIAL & FIXED
  • you may have to commit/stash all changes in the working area before creating a detached head
  • e.g. git checkout -b restoreTests 284270a
  • Recover data by placing them somewhere else
  • Return to master by git checkout master
  • Delete the ad-hoc branch by git branch -D <recoverBranch>

2. sources

The aim of this how-to-guide🏁 is to use AWS as a hosting and DNS solution for a Jekyll website. It does not show how to set up a Jekyll site, only how to configure an S3 bucket and Route53 so that you can redirect a domain to it. The domain however will not be masked.

1. steps

  • create an S3bucket
  • give it the same name as the domain
  • uncheck Block all public access
  • open the bucket → select Properties → Static Website Hosting
  • select Enable → select default values for Index document (index.html) and Error document (Error.html)

The aim of this tutorial🔍 is to go through the steps needed to convert markdown into pdf using pandoc and miktex.

1. install pandoc with chocholatey

2. install miktex for pdf engine

3. remove page numbering

  • add the following at the top of the markdown file

4. resize images

  • when merging add { width=70% } after the image link to have
  • the following is a link_attribute of latex

5. adding the title

  • I want to start the section with a larger title
  • add the following to the top of the…

The aim of this how-to-guide🏁 is to define a workflow for local integration testing.

1. intro notes

  • context: written for scenario of publishing markdown documents to zendesk
  • rule (variation of phrases):
  • do not pollute shared spaces
  • do not contaminate remote repos — even your own remote branch
  • this can be for both unit/integration testing

2. steps

  • run your tests
  • open VSC
  • run the command Discard all Changes
  • start again

Originally published at on March 20, 2021.

The aim of this how-to-guide🏁 is to see how you can easily browse and find properties in posh objects

   TypeName: NetIPConfigurationName MemberType Definition ---- ---------- ---------- Equals Method bool Equals(System.Object obj) GetHashCode Method int GetHashCode() GetType Method type GetType() ToString Method string ToString() AllIPAddresses Property ciminstance[] AllIPAddresses {get;set;} CompartmentId Property int CompartmentId {get;set;} ComputerName Property string ComputerName {get;set;} Detailed Property bool Detailed {get;set;} DNSServer Property ciminstance[] DNSServer {get;set;} InterfaceAlias Property string InterfaceAlias {get;set;} InterfaceDescription Property string InterfaceDescription {get;set;} InterfaceIndex Property int InterfaceIndex {get;set;} IPv4Address Property ciminstance[] IPv4Address {get;set;} IPv4DefaultGateway Property ciminstance[] IPv4DefaultGateway {get;set;} IPv6Address Property…

The aim of this how-to-guide🏁 is to show how inputs can be simulated in pytest unit tests using monkeypatch. This applies for both a single and multiple inputs

1. single input

if __name__ == "__main__":
""" test file """
from testInput import *
def test_say_hello(monkeypatch): monkeypatch.setattr('builtins.input', lambda _: "Pavol")
result = say_hello()
assert result == "Hello Pavol"

2. multiple inputs

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