The aim of this page📝is to define the syntax and conventions of if statements in Bash.

  • bash IF statements are wordy (compared to posh/python) — look at its syntax
if <TEST>; then
elif <TEST>; then
  • tradition dictates that then is on the same line with…

The aim of this page📝is to note the difference in single VS double quotes in bash and posh (PowerShell) which articulates a general concept of quotation.

Basically, the question is how should a machine answer the question say $your_name

  • In single quotes, it says $your_name - it is repeating the…

The aim of this page📝is to see what happens if you redirect into a file with an empty string in it.

  • Lesson: in general it is always good to use double-quote for user variables to prevent things like ambiguous redirect error when values with space in it get evaluated/parsed as…

Pavol Kutaj

Technical Support Engineer of Behavioural Data Platform (Snowplow Analytics). On comparison of programming languages, history of computing, and raw playbooks.

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